Citizenship (Amendment) Bill and Lok Sabha Election-2019

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The issue of ‘Citizenship (Amendment) Bill’ has become a crucial factor in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.  Let’s analyse this from the perspective of the indigenous Assamese people.

Right at the beginning, we should be very clear about the difference between ‘opposing the bill’  versus ‘voting against BJP’.

Opposing the bill is correct, but, voting against BJP (because of the bill) may be wrong.

Let’s analyse.

Faced with stiff protests from most of the indigenous people including AGP, AASU and other organizations, BJP has put the bill ‘on hold’. Please note here that BJP ‘listened’ to the people of Assam.

So, if BJP comes to power again in 2019 and wants to implement the bill, the people of Assam can again oppose it and stop its implementation in Assam (ditto for the North-East). In short, the people of Assam and North-East have defeated BJP in this battle. (Note that no other political party won, even though BJP lost!).

But, ‘voting against BJP’ to make them lose in the elections implies that Congress will win the elections!

Will the indigenous people of Assam benefit under Congress rule? Let’s see:

(1) Congress is the party which has been encouraging illegal immigration from Bangladesh for the last 70 years.

(2) Congress party does not ‘listen’ to the people of Assam.  For example,

When in the 1950s, Gopinath Bordoloi had objected to the immigration of Bangladeshis, Nehru had scolded him for that and had forced him (and Assam) to accept the Bangladeshis.

Again, the 1983 elections were forcefully held against the will of the Assamese people.

(3) There has been very little development in Assam during the last 70 years of Congress rule.

(4) In the recent months, Congress has also opposed the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill. But have you noticed what they are really saying about the bill?

Congress is saying that not only the Hindu immigrants but all illegal immigrants up to 2016 should be given Indian Citizenship.

Now, compare that with BJP’s stand. BJP wants to give citizenship to around 7 lakhs of Hindu immigrants, whereas, Congress wants to give citizenship to over 40 lakhs of illegal immigrants.

Both are harmful to the indigenous people of Assam.

But which will be more harmful?

Think about it ……..

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  1. Assam remained a coloney and will remain a coloney of New Delhi as long as we are represented by weak voiceless leaders busy accumulating personal wealth for generations . BJP seems to be a better devil

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