CBSE Class 12 Physics Paper 2018 (page 2)

CBSE Class 12 Physics Paper 2018

Page 2

Question 6: Two electric bulbs P and Q have their resistances in the ratio of 1 : 2. They are connected in series across a battery. Find the ratio of the power dissipation of these bulbs.

Question 7:  A 10 V cell of negligible internal resistance is connected in parallel across a battery of emf 200 V and internal resistance 38 Ω as shown in the figure. Find the value of current in the circuit.

[figure to be inserted]


In a potentiometer arrangement for determining the emf of a cell, the balance point of the cell in open circuit is 350 cm. When a resistance of 9 Ω is used in the external circuit of the cell, the balance point shifts to 300 cm. Determine the internal resistance of the cell.

Question 8:
(a) Why are infra-red waves often called heat waves? Explain.
(b) What do you understand by the statement, "Electromagnetic waves transport momentum"?

Question 9: If light of wavelength 412.5 nm is incident on each of the metals given below, which ones will show photoelectric emission and why?

Metal     Wok function (eV)
Na                  1.92
K                    2.15
Ca                  3.20
Mo                4.17

Question 10: A carrier wave of peak voltage 15 V is used to transmit a message signal. Find the peak voltage of the modulating signal in order to have a modulation of 60 %.


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