Essential CALCULUS for Physics & Chemistry

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This course will teach you that portion of calculus which is needed for Physics & Chemistry as per NCERT syllabus of class 11, class 12, and up to the level of NEET (the Medical Entrance exam).

If you do not like mathematics, or, find it difficult then you will love this course. Even if you have not taken mathematics as a subject in class 11/12, don’t worry.  This course will teach you the essential calculus needed for physics.

If you have taken mathematics as a subject in class 11,  you will learn calculus as a part of that subject. This course will help you to understand how to apply calculus in different situations of physics & chemistry.

In this course, I have taught calculus in a very easy to understand manner, and, have avoided the difficult and confusing concepts which are not necessary for using calculus in physics.

The result is this concise course which will benefit you tremendously.


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