Essential CALCULUS for Physics & Chemistry

What is calculus?

When we want to learn calculus, the first thing that comes to our mind is ‘what is calculus?‘.

Well, simply speaking, calculus is a ‘particular method of calculation’ used in mathematics.  The way ‘trigonometry’ is a particular way of doing some type of calculations, or ‘permutations & combinations’ is a particular way of doing another type of calculations, in the same way ‘calculus’ is a particular way of doing some other type of calculations. What ‘other type’ will become clear as we start learning calculus. So, don’t worry about that right now!

There are two types of calculus:

  1. Differential Calculus
  2. Integral Calculus

In the following lessons, I will teach you both in a simple way.  We will start with differential calculus first, then go on to learn Integral calculus. 

So, let’s go straight to the lesson ‘Introduction to Differential Calculus’.

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