Easy Topics of Physics for NEET / JEE mains

Hi students,

There are only a few months left for JEE mains and NEET exam. Hope your preparations are going on well.

STUDY SMARTLY: One of the most important points about your preparation is that you should study smartly. First finish the topics that are easier, then the topics of medium difficulty. Only after that study the hard topics if you have the time and the IQ to handle them; else leave them. Remember, you do not need to answer the whole paper to qualify.

In my subsequent posts, I shall tell you which topics are easier, and, which are tough. So keep watching this page!


Easy Topics of Physics

Topic 1: DIMENSIONS (of class 11 syllabus)

Dimensions (or dimensional analysis) is a quite easy topic. Moreover, it is a short topic too.

When you learn it for the first time, you can finish it within a few days. And when you revise, you can finish it in a few hours.

What makes this topic a ‘must-study’ topic is that its concepts are easy and few. And the questions based on it are also uncomplicated. On top of it, there is a 50% chance that a question will come from this topic. [The other 50% chance is for a question from ‘Measurement of errors’.]  

So,  you should finish this topic first in your preparation for NEET or JEE mains.

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