How to Study (page 2)

Realising their usefulness, I started sharing these techniques with friends, cousins and other close acquaintances and asked them for feed-back. They, after following these techniques for a few months, invariably replied that the techniques were indeed proving to be very beneficial. Encouraged, I started teaching the techniques to interested students and am glad to note that most of them are doing better in their exams.

As stated in the first paragraph, most of the students do not do well in examinations since they do not know how to prepare for them. What they need is an exposure to these techniques. As I cannot reach all of them personally, I decided to write this book to help them in their hour of desperation. It is written in a very simple language and should prove to be of invaluable help to a student appearing for any examination - be it a school test, a board or university exam or any other competitive examination.

This book, regardless of its small size, is packed with many important concepts and useful techniques which will help you to prepare better for examinations. There has never been a book like this before. The power to do well in exams is in your hands now. So, sit up, go through this book and score better marks in examinations.

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