Modi Vs Opposition (Mamata_Banerjee factor)

If the ‘Opposition’ comes to power in 2019, Mamata Banerjee will exert considerable influence on the decisions that would be taken by the Opposition to run the country.

So we should compare the performances of  ‘Modi ji’ Vs ‘Mamata didi’  before deciding whom to vote (BJP or Opposition) in the 2019 elections.

Point 1:  Surgical Strike 2

After the Pulwama incident, the whole country wanted proper action against the terrorists and their supporters.  Modi declared that the armed forces has been given the responsibility and they will decide how, when and where to strike.

And our armed forces successfully carried out the Balakot bombing i.e. Surgical Strike 2.

This shows that Modi ji knows the true capability of our armed forces and has full confidence on them.

On the other hand, Mamata Banerjee was asking for proof of the Balakot strike. Even after our armed forces had given out details about the strike, Mamata did not believe it.

This shows that Mamata neither knows the capability of our armed forces nor has confidence on them.

So, if another ‘terror attack’ happens in India in the future, who will take proper retaliatory action against the terrorists and their supporters – ‘Modi ji’ or ‘Opposition’ ?

Think about it ……

Point 2: The Nano car factory of the Tatas

As we all know, the original location for the Nano was Singur in West Bengal.  But Mamata Banerjee had opposed it strongly.  It was so strong that the Tatas had to shift it to Sanand in Gujarat. This was projected as a victory for Mamata, and, her party rode to power in the ensuing elections.

Now let’s analyse this.

When the plant was being built in 2008, Singur was a village/small town. Mamata had objected on the ground that it will not benefit the area and the local people.

In 2008 when the Tatas were looking for an alternative location, Modi ji (then Chief Minister of Gujarat) invited them to Sanand and offered facilities & incentives to set up the factory there. Tatas shifted the factory from Singur to Sanand.

“So, what is the big deal?”, you may think, “the factory got shifted, so what?”

Frankly speaking, even I was thinking like that till a few weeks back. Then I googled! And what have I found?

In 2008, Singur was a village/small town, whereas, Sanand was a village.

Now, when I googled in February 2019, I found that:

  • as per Wikipedia, Singur is a town whereas Sanand is a city. (I don't know how big a city it is, I have written what Wikipedia says.)
  • You may google to check the photos/images of both the places.
  • The photos show that Singur remained as it was, whereas, Sanand has seen tremendous development from 2008 to 2019.
  • Sanand has attracted commitments of billions of dollars from some of world’s largest companies.
  • Sanand has become an industrial hub now with factories of Tata Motors, America’s Ford Motors, Japan’s Hitachi Ltd, India’s Cadila Healthcare etc.
  • Real Estate giants like DLF, Raheja, Parswanath are planning to develop major townships around Sanand.

From the above, it is clear that Singur of West Bengal remained as it was in 2008, whereas, Sanand of Gujarat has developed and progressed by leaps and bounds.

Can you now see what Mamata did to Singur, versus, what Modi did to Sanand?

Now, consider your village, town or city. Won’t you like to see development there?

Whom would you prefer – Modi or Mamata?

That is, Modi or Opposition?

Think about it ……


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