NEET 2018 PHYSICS Paper Q.1)  Current sensitivity of a moving coil galvanometer is 5 div/mA and its voltage sensitivity (angular deflection per unit voltage applied) is 20 div/V. The resistance of the galvanometer is

(a) 40 ohm   (b)  500 ohm   (c) 250 ohm (d) 25 ohm.

NEET 2018 PHYSICS Paper Q.2) When the light of frequency 2νo (where νo is threshold frequency) is incident on a metal plate, the maximum velocity of electrons emitted is v1. When the frequency of the incident radiation is increased to 5νo, the maximum velocity of electrons emitted from the same plate is v2.  The ratio of v1 to v2 is:

(a) 1:2   (b) 2:1   (c) 4:1   (d) 1:4

Answer:   Video solution of  above NEET 2018 physics question

NEET 2018 PHYSICS Paper Q.3)  The refractive index of the material of a prism is √2 and the angle of the prism is 30°. One of the two refracting surfaces of the prism is made a mirror inwards, by silver coating. A beam of monochromatic light entering the prism from the other face will retrace its path (after reflection from the silvered surface) if its angle of incidence on the prism is

(a) 60°    (b) zero     (c ) 30°    (d) 45°

Answer: Video solution of above NEET 2018 Physics question.

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