Politically Aware: ‘To be’ or ‘Not to be’

Should We Be Politically Aware?

Till the age of 55 years, (I am now 57), I was not at all interested in political matters. I kept myself at a distance from all things political. Then around two years back when I looked around and reflected on the years gone by, I realized that the decisions taken by the politicians and political parties have shaped the world/the society/the surroundings we live in today.

That also means that the decisions taken today by the politicians will shape the world/the society/the surroundings we (and our children) will be living in tomorrow.

So, staying ‘at a distance from all things political’ is not a very good idea! One need not be politically active, but should be aware of the developments to keep an eye on the decisions-to-be-taken. And, may be, to exert pressure (if and when needed) on the politicians to take proper decisions.

This realization brought me closer to politics, and, I have been watching the developments since. And now feel that it would be interesting to share some of my findings with others.

The result is a series of write-ups/articles in the Blog section of this website.

My first article, on ‘Modi vs Opposition (Mamata Banerjee factor)’, has already been published. The response is quite encouraging. Thanking you all for your comments in Facebook and elsewhere ….

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